What will be produced in the Tricase Food4Health Community Lab?

We have already seen the path that led to the creation of the Tricase Community Laboratory. In this post we will see, instead, what will be produced in this innovative community space that includes the entire area of Capo di Leuca, the southernmost part of the Apulian and Italian territory.

The Tricase Laboratory will offer a wide range of craftsmanship services on behalf of third parties both with the use of raw materials and products of the agri-food chain (vegetables, legumes, medicinal plants, fruits, honey). Among these are also to be considered the products of the local fish supply chain.

The products will be made with processes expression of the local culinary tradition, handed down over time from generation to generation, adapted to innovation in compliance with the hygienic-sanitary regulations and work safety in force.

In the pilot-demonstration phase, which will start in the coming weeks, finished products will be prepared that will follow production protocols (Recipes) to guarantee the quality and replicability of the process in the post-Project when, at the end of the project, the Community Lab will be managed by a management body.

The main problem for those who produce jams, jams, pickles, pickles, fruit juices, pates, and so on, is to be able to have a product that maintains the nutritional and qualitative characteristics of departure and that at the same time is pleasant from an organoleptic point of view and is finally, safe from a hygienic-sanitary point of view and therefore maintains its marketabilityover time . The Food4Health Community Laboratory will help improve techniques and knowledge to overcome these production challenges.

If you want to know all the Production Lines that will be activated in Tricase visit this Platform. Soon a new post will explain it with all the details.

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