The Health Marketplace Special Coordination Structure of the Puglia Region

The Health Marketplace Special Coordination Structure of the Puglia Region directed by dr. Felice Ungaro deals with producing, promoting and protecting health, through the dissemination of a healthy and personalized lifestyle that has an effect not only on the individual but also on the social and economic development of the entire territory.

With Health Innovation, technological innovation applied to health, responds to the growing demand from citizens for higher quality and social care attention.

With actions and interventions in synergy with the realities of the regional panorama able to promote health and tell the Apulian lifestyle, the Region becomes the Health District of Puglia.

There are two macro-containers that outline the Structure Guidelines:

  • the Human Pole, i.e. projects that educate healthy lifestyles in nutrition (sustainable Apulian Mediterranean diet), physical movement, medical prevention
  • the contribution to the prevention of Coronavirus infections and the operational tools useful to the business world affected by months of forced detention.

Among the actions carried out by the Health Marketplace Special Coordination Structure, the Interreg Food4Health project which with its binomial “food for health” – and the partnership network it brings with it – represents the most immediate synthesis of the knowledge and skills acquired by the “Coordination Health Marketplace ”of the Puglia Region in the last decade.

Find out more about the Health Marketplace Special Coordination Structure by visiting the dedicated section on the Puglia Region portal.

Learn more about how the Interrreg Food4Health Project was conceived and what it involves.

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