How was it born and what are the objectives of Apulian Lifestyle y the Health Marketplace Special Coordination Structure of the Puglia Region.

Background and objectives of Apulian Lifestyle

“Encourage a new health culture by promoting correct lifestyles among Apulian citizens, fostering sustainable and responsible agri-food production and consumption, promoting local communities which, with their people, institutions and production activities, represent the Apulian lifestyle”.


This is the mission of Apulian Lifestyle project launched in 2018 along the lines laid down by the Health Marketplace Special Structure of the Puglia Region in collaboration with ARESS – Strategic Regional Agency for Health and Social Care –, ARTI – Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation -, CIHEAM – Centre International de Hautes Etudes Agronomiques Méditerranéennes of Bari-, and the Interdisciplinary Department of Medicine of the University “Aldo Moro” of Bari with the long-term perspective of transforming the Apulia Region into a cutting-edge Health ICT District at European level.

In order to achieve this ambitious result, Apulian Lifestyle has identified two guidelines: stimulate a new bottom-up health awareness in the Apulian population and promote a network of public and private bodies and enterprises, in the field of research, innovation and entrepreneurship, active in the production, promotion and protection of health. A multidisciplinary approach that takes into account environmental, socio-health, health-nutritional and economic aspects by promoting research and experimentation projects.

Apulian Lifestyle’ project and ICT for the Apulian health district

The role of chronic diseases and lifestyles

As reported by many scientific studies, an unhealthy lifestyle is the cause of diseases that affect a large number of Apulians. Among the most common are overweight, obesity, cardiovascular risk and diabetes. This brings with it significantly higher healthcare costs.

Tobacco smoking, alcohol abuse, lack of physical activity and insufficient consumption of fruit and vegetables are among the most harmful health habits. For this reason Apulian Lifestyle pays great attention to the active and widespread promotion of the Mediterranean Diet, especially in schools.

The objective is the virtuous circle of health that Apulian Lifestyle wants to trigger by favouring bottom-up actions with dozens of public and private partners involved through training days for students on the Mediterranean Diet, scientific research on innovative breakthrough such as the role of microbiota, nanotechnologies, nutraceutics, the fight against pollutants; testing of shared work spaces as a method of new and widespread knowledge and international relations.

7 April 2020 at the Petruzzelli Theatre in Bari presentation event

All the actions in detail,  together with the various partners involved, will be addressed at the meeting to be held on Tuesday 7 April in Bari at the Petruzzelli Theatre [here is the event page]. An event to inform the press and the Apulian citizens about the projects implemented, but also an opportunity for the kick-off of the Food4Health project, which was launched as part of the Apulian Lifestyle vision and aims to disseminate these good practices through a number of training and dissemination events in Apulia, Albania and Montenegro, along with the know-how of some of the region’s excellent agri-food firms.

An outline of the Apulian Lifestyle project actions
is available on this page