The account of the actions carried out in the most acute phase of the pandemic by the Special Health Marketplace Coordination Structure of the Puglia Region directed by dr. Felice Ungaro.


We came to know it as another weird Chinese oddity: ‘a virus that comes from bats’. In a matter of days, we saw Milan surrender, the city that by definition never sleeps, yet we then discovered that here too, in the heel of the Empire, the coronavirus was going to become a massive, invasive, highly disruptive phenomenon with which to seriously confront our lives: Apulia Red Zone.

The most vulnerable are the elderly, patients with more chronic conditions and those fighting cancer. Fear for everyone. First and foremost for oneself, but also for the elderly and the children living at home.

Yet it is a Babel where the opportunity is there. It is a historic opportunity to become aware of what the ingredients for a ‘long happy life’ are, just when everything seems to threaten otherwise.

Eating healthy, Mediterranean food, exercising, doing research with the most advanced biomedical technologies, producing quality products and consuming locally. A road map that in Apulia has already been drawn up for some time, paying close attention to the training of the new generations, the need to network companies and the great challenge of nurturing relations between regions in the same area.

Back to the essentials for Health – that is the opportunity of this epidemic – to those few essentials that can promote, protect and produce health and make us (more) resistant to viruses of all species.

Apulian Lifestyle’s contribution to the Coronavirus emergency

Therefore, and in this context, Special Health Marketplace Coordination Structure of the Puglia Region could not help but provide the Local Authorities and the scientific community with its experience and projects to contribute to the definition of an integrated Strategy for Phase 1/2.

An ‘integrated’ strategy, because although the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 makes it clear that social and professional methods and activities as hitherto known are no longer practicable, it is also true that there can be no health protection measure that fails to take account of social and economic aspects.

In its definition issued in 1948, the WHO also includes ‘social’ balance in the three components of Health (‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease’). Below is an excerpt from the Integrated Strategy for Phase 1/2 that Apulian Lifestyle has developed with the contribution of professionals from different backgrounds who are committed to the fate of the Region, the country and all the communities affected by the pandemic. Dataflow, the collection of more than 300 scientific publications on SARS-CoV-2, was the basis for the actions that gave rise to the Integrated Strategy. 

Details here in after.