A context analysis by the Health Marketplace Special Coordination Structure of the Puglia Region – director dr. Felice Ungaro.

Before the Covid19 pandemic, healthy lifestyle habits were usually considered in order to maintain and preserve  good health and wellbeing: eating healthy and Mediterranean food, playing sports, refraining from smoking and alcohol, etc. All actions promoted via different measures by the Apulian Lifestyle project and the Health Marketplace Department.

Nowadays and after the Covid19, the concept of health promotion has changed and is also extending to the field of social organisation. The current phase of the labour market and social living conditions, in fact, require much broader and more complex skills and abilities than the literacy and functional ones, which are still essential in some areas of our Region linked to the most vulnerable groups.

Nowadays we need to promote life skills, the skills for life.

For these reasons, soon the Apulian Lifestyle Projectwill be structured in a way compatible with the new rules of living with the virus through the following actions, measures and projects.


  • Dissemination and training events on good practices and lifestyles through webinars and online courses aimed at the acquisition of soft skills by Apulian citizens, especially workers.
  • Launch of a Web Platform to collect good practices and lifestyles already tested in the Region and neighbouring areas and countries. The Platform is already being implemented within the Food4Health project and is addressed to the Apulian region and to the cross-border partners of this Project such as Albania and Montenegro. The Portal would feature: attractive and simple explanatory infographics, to be disseminated on social media or printed, with the main recommendations and safety measures to prevent infections and to promote healthy lifestyles in terms of nutrition, sports, campaigns against smoking, alcohol, etc. highlighting the risks also in terms of contagion and the clinical evolution of COVID19;

The portal would also house Best practices on current projects such as:

  • Apulian Lifestyle will support the strategy to contain and prevent the epidemic emergency by widely promoting the adoption of new healthy lifestyles including: use of PPE, social distancing, compilation of online tests for rapid assessment, use of APPs for tracing, serological tests, the promotion of medical teleconsultations over traditional medical examinations, agile work, online purchase of products, online or telephone bookings at offices and services.
  • Apulian Lifestyle will select, process and disseminate “science trusted” news, i.e. substantiated by scientific publications or accredited journals. This will be used as a tool for disseminating and combating fake news in the field of health sciences.

In this regard, the DataFlow created by the Health Marketplace department with the collection of around 300 scientific publications on COVID-19 has already been tested in recent months.

To view the Dataflow click on the image below.

In the months and years to come

In the medium and long term, the short-term measures will be carried on, together with the aim of contributing to reducing the risk of chronic diseases by promoting the adoption of healthy lifestyles and habits that can boost people’s immune defences and “protect” them from viruses.

This objective will be achieved by pursuing the activities planned in the Apulian Lifestyle programme, through various projects, which aim at promoting  healthy diets and the Mediterranean diet based on a local supply chain, quitting harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol, reducing stress levels (strongly increased by restrictive measures and quarantine), encouraging sports activities, responsible purchase from ethical and healthy local firms, establishing regional health-certified business networks, spreading healthy lifestyles among high school and university students, sharing with Mediterraneanpartners good economic and social practices for active health prevention, promoting and using cutting-edge biomedical and nutraceutical technologies, exploiting innovative start-ups and others.