Molise at Expò 2015: Feeding the Planet, energy for life

Among the best practices that Molise Region has experienced in the last few years, participation in the EXPÓ 2015 is certainly worth mentioning for the development of the territorial image, for the creation of international commercial channels and for communication activities in the area and the organization of events.

First of all, participation in the Universal Exposition allowed Molise to be presented to the general public: a region of subtle charm, to be grasped in its complexity. A region outside the commonplace. The landscape and cultural aspect, however, cannot be separated from the productive one. The exhibition of the regions, the ‘From Expo to the territories’ initiatives, the wine cellars at the ‘Wine Pavilion’, the companies present at ‘Cibus è Italia’ and the many other inputs provided to promote those who do business in Molise.

Last but not least, communication activities and special initiatives. An intense programme, aimed at making the most of the opportunity offered by EXPO Milano 2015 without forgetting its values was ensured: guaranteeing healthy, safe and sufficient food for all, respecting the planet and its equilibrium.

In the framework of this initiative, Molise Region had the chance to express the link between food and life not only from a nutritional point of view but also in terms of health.

During the exposition of its products and stories, Molise set up the exhibition space creating a storytelling, through multimedia tools, of how food in Molise has the fundamental characteristics, sought after throughout the world, of uniqueness, authenticity and anthropological and cultural depth.
From a research and scientific divulgation point of view, Molise Region collaborated with the other regions and partners for the organization of 5 days of International conferences focusing on 5 themes:

1) Adriatic- Ionian Macro-Region and the perspective of integration and development of the area;
2) The development of the Apennines Park of Europe;
3) Mediterranean diet as an alternative to food model of junk food, i.e. as an Italian contribution to the solution of food as a social issue in the West and in newly developing countries;
4) The Water and its relations with the environmental system, productive system and technological system;
5) Gal GAC, best practice in the rural territorial development.
An opportunity, a commitment, presented in the slides available at this link (only Italian version):

Exhibitions Festivals and Folk Traditions
In the official website of the initiative ( a section has been dedicated to all regional exhibitions, festivals and folk traditions such as the typical local festivity of “Misteri” put on the scene with the Art And Mysteries Exhibition: ‘The Devil Of Mysteries’ or the “Transumanza” or even music festivals and so on.

Soul Food
In Molise, food is life and spirituality: it is rooted in tradition and tells the story of the history and culture of our land. However, Molise’s culinary tradition is not just about the past, it is above all about the present and the future, becoming a vehicle for the values of authenticity and genuineness. From the strictly organic cultivation, guaranteed by a healthy ecosystem, to the transformation of the food, the millenary tradition is, in fact, in step with the times: the constant presence of vegetables in all recipes embraces the vegetarian and vegan philosophy, while the widespread use of corn allows us to offer Gluten-Free culinary solutions. Soul Food, literally “Food of the Soul”, this is the extraordinary aspect of Molise’s food: capable of speaking to the depths, capable of leading us into the future.

Visit Molise
Molise is distinguished by a food culture that is substantially linked to authenticity, given the historical evolution of its traditions and economic and social fabric: the processes of innovation in production have developed through models inspired by man’s close ties with his territory. In this sense we can speak, for Molise, of conservation rather than recovery of cultural elements, with particular reference to those linked to food and lifestyles. The land of Molise is surprising, therefore, for the goodness and genuineness of the products it offers: the unmistakable flavour of the olive oil from the hills, a precious condiment; the ancient tradition of making pasta; the scent of the prized white truffles from the woods; the intoxicating taste of the wines, among which the uniqueness of Tintilia stands out, to be savoured by visiting the numerous wine cellars present.

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