Main Agri food supply chains in Albania

(from “Report on existing GAPs and Best Practices”)

During 2020, the agricultural sector has made some progress mainly in relation to agricultural production. The improvement of production indicators this year was mainly due to the increased yields and surface of several arable plants such as: vegetables, beans, sunflowers, rye, barley, medicinal plants, strawberries, etc.
The production and areas of vegetables in the open field and greenhouses are increased as a result of increasing demand of the domestic market and especially exports. Tobacco production is increased due to the increased yield.
The fruit trees, olives, grapes and citrus production is increased due to the increasing of number of roots in production.

The production increase is attribute mainly to:
• Orientation toward the production of vegetables, citrus and aromatic plants and arable plants;
• The increase of area planted in greenhouses and tunnels;
• Increased surface planted with second crops in vegetables and forage crops;
• Increased surface and yield for some arable plants due to high market demand and feed production.
• Transfer of know-how by extension service.

Referring to the available livestock data for 2020, there is a decrease in the number of livestock almost for every category especially cattle and small ruminant’s category. This decrease was due to reduction of the number of heads in potential farms (cattle), the lack of market as well as migration, emigration and aging population. The decrease of number of livestock especially cattle and small ruminants has affected the livestock production milk and meat.

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