How will Community Lab Food4Health help local small and medium-sized enterprises?

We saw in the previous post what the Food4Health Community Labs are. Now let us see how they can help small and medium-sized enterprises in the Communities in which they are made.

The usefulness of community laboratories is developed in two phases.

In the first phase – that of implementation of the Project currently underway – the Community Laboratories must be understood as demonstration / pilot actions for the local SMEs involved which, due to their own small productive and economic size (micro enterprises) cannot afford to work on their own the primary products of the company or fish.

In the second phase – when the Project will be completed and the structure of the laboratory entrusted to the local community – local companies will be able to work their products in the Laboratory, as well as new local startups will learn the techniques of processing and transformation of their primary products, in compliance with COMMUNITY regulations and standards identified during the project.

Community Lab Food4Health is an innovative model to support companies and the entrepreneurial fabric of the areas involved, also aimed at the incubation of new entrepreneurial realities and redevelopment of unvalued production chains in depressed areas of the cross-border area.

One of the Community Labs envisaged by Progetto was created in the territory of Tricase, in the south of Puglia. In the next post we will get to know him better.

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