How was the Food4Health Community lab Tricase born?

We understood what a Community Lab is and how in Puglia an abandoned structure has been transformed into an innovative Laboratory. Today we will discover the path that allowed this.

As happened also in other areas of interest of the Project in order to establish the Community Laboratory – in this case in the tricase area in Puglia – a preliminary assessment of the innovation needs of the rural and coastalcommunity and SMEs was firstcarried outfollowing a participatory approach that involved micro and small medium enterprises, potential entrepreneurs, researchers, technical consultants, service providers, public administrations, as well as local communities.

In this phase, two Living Labs and three Workshops were organized, activities envisaged by the Project in order to be able to co-design the Laboratory. With these meetings, a participatory analysis of the innovation needs of the production chains was conducted.

Living lab activities also represented an opportunity to share ideas and exchange knowledge on technical and marketing solutions to innovate the processing of traditional products and ensure better appreciation in the cross-border market.

To find out what will be produced in detail within the Tricase Laboratory, continue to visit this Platform.

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