Food4health Community Lab in Montenegro

Within the Food4Health project, part of the building of the Institute of Marine Biology in Kotor was upgraded in order to form a modern multifunctional laboratory that will serve to help shellfish and fish farmers (as well as all future interested in seafood production), technology transfer and knowledge, with direct application of scientific results on existing fish and shellfish farms (strategic goals: smart growth, research and innovation, strengthening research capacities, diversification of production, starting organic shellfish farming, environmental protection, welfare of farmed organisms).

The greatest contribution will be achieved by the formation of European oyster hatchery (Ostrea edulis) in laboratory conditions, which will consist of two parts – a part for growing microalgae and a part for conditioning the parent stock and production of young oysters. Total area of infrastructure works is about 260m2, which includes the construction of a modern, fully equipped laboratory for innovative research in the field of mariculture, training and transfer of knowledge and technology, food production, with all scientific, technical and technological capacities to match regional centers with similar activities.

The Food4Health project is the most important infrastructure project of the Institute when it comes to EU funds, with a budget of over 570,000 EUR.

It is our pleasure that these funds are available to us, and with our hard work we are trying to justify the confidence of financiers and project partners, and we are one of the organizational units of the University with the best percentage of implementation of EU projects.

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