Food4Health, first web meeting to discuss measures to overcome COVID-19 emergency

Food4Health project had its 1st joint web meeting on 8 April 2020, to discuss upcoming activities and measures to fight COVID-19 emergency.

Our project FOOD4HEALTH is also committed to smart and safe working in this emergency period!

Project partners had their first web meeting on 8 April 2020 to discuss about the progress of activities and the adoption and extension of the use of online tools, to overcome the COVID-19 restrictions:

  • As a main project output the new Information & Communication Technology Platform ”FOOD4HEALTH” is in its way to be established.
  • The FOOD4HEALTH platform will be implemented by Puglia Region as work package coordinator, with the contribution of all project partners.
  • This new ICT platform is an advanced tool that will allow sharing innovative solutions among start-ups and innovative MSMEs and research centers, and will serve as main tool to promote consumer education on nutrition, health and well-being.
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