Discovering the Food4Health Community Lab of Tricase, Italy

In a previous post published on this Platform we understood what the Food4Health Community Labs are and what an important role they will have to achieve the project objectives and grow the communities that participate on both sides of the Adriatic. With this post we will see the path that led to the creation of the Tricase Laboratory, in Salento, the southern part of Puglia.

To create one of the Community Labs of the Food4Health project – in particular the one planned in the territory of the Puglia Region, in the province of Lecce – a building called Ex Mattatoio Comunale was recovered and renovated to convert it into a laboratory for processing and processing agri-food and fishery products (Food4Health Community Lab).

What was once an industrial facility used for the slaughter of livestock, later abandoned and not valued, thanks to Food4Health has been transformed into a place of experience, sharing and innovation where micro, small and medium-sized enterprises will put into practice the techniques of process and transformation of their primary products in accordance with quality standards and compliant with EU regulations.

The new production structure created is ready for work that will start shortly and this Platform will be a channel for the dissemination of what will be activated and put into production from time to time.

The structure of the Ex Macello is a property of the Municipality of Tricase which has made it available to CIHEAM Bari, partner of the Food4Health project to create the Community Lab. The Public Authorities, in fact, have recognized that it is an innovative model to support companies and the entrepreneurial fabric of the capo di Leuca area, also aimed at incubating new business realities and requalification of production chains with strong market potential but which to date are not adequately valued.

In the next post we will discover the path that led to enhance this structure until it became an innovative Community Lab.

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