Cross border web meeting for exchange and knowledge transferring of best practices identified

Given the emergency situation caused by the COVID 19 and the JS recommendations on the extension of the use of online tools the DT 1.1.2  “Cross border meeting for exchange and knowledge transferring of best practices identified” was organized by web on July 15, 2020.

The web meeting is part of activity AT 1.1 that aims to favor the exchange of best practices and the transfer of knowledge in the cross-border area on agri-food and fishery quality topics strictly linked to the consumer health principles.

An important role in the project is playing by local stakeholders in the agrifood and fishering sector, but also target areas that facing problems as youth unemployment, weakness of value chain, low level of innovation.

This meeting could be an important step for them to meet international and national partner and to learn from their previous experiences and practices, as well as for the partner to know Puglia Region’s target areas, Tricase, that is dynamic from the point of view of youth entrepreneurship in this sector.

CIHEAM Bari prepare a short video in which have been interviewed some of the project’ stakeholders and each of them underline the necessity of our project  for their production, not only for processing their products but also to improve their competitiveness on the national and international market.

In this video there are also some images from Tricase and his Port Museum and the interviews to Mr. Ungaro, Director of the  Department Health Market Place, Puglia Region and Mr. Raeli director of Ciheam Bari that underline the importance of F4H project for all the region involved and finally Mr. Ferramosca,  Municipality of Tricase’s director Public Work office that speak about Food4Health Community Lab, what it was in the past and what i twill became thanks to Interreg programme.

 The activity arises from the experience of Puglia Region on the issues of enhancement and qualification of typical quality products and consumer’s health protection (“The Apulian Lifestyle Programme”, “Agriculture and Quality Programme”) and was implemented through the elaboration of a best practices report on quality schemes and consumer health. This meeting give to the partnership the opportunity to share this elaboration, to favor knowledge and best practices exchange among them, to learned from this experiences and practices and to do, also, a critical review and validation. It represent a concrete opportunity in terms of strengthening the local production system and improvement the coherence, coordination and consistency of common policies and  tools.

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