Cross border capacity building for 10 managers of the Food4Health Community Labs: here the contents

The FOOD4HEALTH partner CIHEAM Bari organizes the training course “Cross border Capacity building for 10 managers of the Food4Health Community Labs”, in order to strengthen the management skills of the F4H Labs managers and ensure the high quality services even after the end of the project.

The training will be placed on 29 and 30 November in an online mode, 2 days of online lectures for a total of 6 hours and each target area will identify 2 (or more) participants among experts and stakeholders who will attende the course in English.

During the course many topics will be addressed as follows:

  • Traditional food products and new trends
  • Food safety and food risk management
  • Food quality management
  • Food labelling and EU regulations
  • Innovative food processing technologies
  • Development of new services provisioning

Look at content here.

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