Best Practices, Quality Schemes in Montenegro: an overview

Registration of a geographical indication is an activity of a collective nature, which requires the cooperation of all actors from the procedures in defining the product and rules and quality control, reputation protection, research and development, to organizing and implementing the necessary steps in the certification process. Each of the mentioned protected products has its own association, and they also have a quality management function. Unfortunately, for the most part, these associations are not sufficiently functional and do not have continuity of communication with the membership and need to be strengthened for further work. At the same time, the group certification process is not over and in the gap between the activities required to be carried out by the certification body and the association, for these products it is now an untapped chance to strengthen trust and connection with consumers and compare on quality equalization, better product presentation and strategic price definition.

In Montenegro, the area of Quality Policy is regulated by the Law on Quality Schemes (Official Gazette of Montenegro No. 22/2017), which is largely in line with EU Regulation no. 1151/2012. The law defines the establishment (process of recognition and control) of the following protection systems: designation of origin; geographical indication; label of guaranteed traditional specialties; “higher quality” label; label “mountain product” and label “from my farm”). In Montenegro, legislation is largely in line with the EU acquis in this area. Applications for enrollment must be submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, after which the Commission examines and processes applications. In the past period, Montenegro has made significant strides in improving the quality of domestic products through name protection.

In addition to the Law, the Ministry has prescribed two ordinances: Ordinance on designations of guaranteed traditional specialties of agricultural and food products, “Official Gazette of Montenegro, No. 22/2014” (harmonized with EC Regulation No. 1216/2007) and Ordinance on registration of designations of origin and geographical indications of agricultural and food products “Official Gazette of Montenegro, No. 27/2014” (harmonized with EC Regulation No. 1898/2006). The ordinances prescribe technical forms for registration. The ordinances are in line with Regulations that are not in force in the EU. However, the content, ie the implementation forms were transferred without changes in the current Commission Regulation (EU) no. 668/2014 of 13 June 2014 laying down rules for the application of Regulation (EU) no. 1151/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council on quality schemes for agricultural and food products. Geographical indications of alcoholic beverages are prescribed by the Law on Strong Alcoholic Beverages (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No. 83/09).

Extracted and reworked from the document: “Report on BPs on quality schemes and consumer Health in Montenegro”. The report is one of the deliverables under the activity ” Exchange and knowledge transferring of Best practices on quality schemes and consumer health ” WPT1 ”Improving the coss-border framework conditions for the valorization of the agri-food and fisheries value-chain” .

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