Best Practices, Production of milk and meat products in Montenegro (2nd part)

Unlike other countries in Montenegro, the dominant share of production is produced, processed and consumed by very small entities. Substantiation of a number from that category for the transition to market operations in terms of volume, is not likely. Therefore, in the category of small farm production, primary production and processed farms can very well be directed towards the needs of tourism and domestic consumption.

The Strategy for the Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas of Montenegro recognizes the importance of directing towards the development of products based on traditional methods of production, while ensuring high quality standards. Given the above, one of the chances for the development of Montenegrin agriculture, both in the domestic and foreign markets, is to direct as many products as possible in one of the quality schemes, which creates added value. Labeling dairy products with a geographical indication guarantees that their specificity and quality are the result of a combination of natural features, knowledge and duration. Producers of Pljevlja cheese, Kolašin cheese puff and Durmitor skorup have protected their name and connection with quality from dairy products, and in addition to these there are a large number of products that can be protected by some of the labels of quality schemes such as Kučki cheese, Njeguški cheese, etc.

Montenegro is in the process of establishing and implementing quality schemes such as: i) organic, protected. It has legally defined quality schemes such as i) mountain meat and mountain products – use of the image of ecologically rich and preserved environment, extensive grazing, close to organic agriculture, fresh meat, good for tourism good for local economies

• Specialized meat production to supply high quality fresh meat – high quality, locally produced, fresh

• On the farm: Register and support mixed milk and meat production with a variety of traditional products offered from the farm (cheese, crust / cream, meat products)

Quality schemes offer a number of opportunities, which must be performed by the Ministry and their agencies on the one hand, with actors from the value chain on the other. Understanding the goal of the quality scheme and respecting the partners through the market chain is key to the successful implementation of quality regulations.
The structure of the market chain of meat and meat products depends on the type of market chain. However, it is basically based on the following actors and trends.

The market chain of meat production and processing, as the most important chain in agriculture, has numerous participants, where in recent years the fluctuation is not great, ie. it rarely enters and leaves production, trade, or processing.

Extracted and reworked from the document: “Report on BPs on quality schemes and consumer Health in Montenegro”. The report is one of the deliverables under the activity ” Exchange and knowledge transferring of Best practices on quality schemes and consumer health ” WPT1 ”Improving the coss-border framework conditions for the valorization of the agri-food and fisheries value-chain” .

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