Best Practices, Fish, seafood, fish products and aquaculture in Montenegro

In general, the fisheries sector can be categorized as small, without industrial fishing, and is carried out along the coast and on Skadar Lake (freshwater fishing). The Montenegrin fleet currently consists of about 200 vessels, of which about 50 huts and swimmers and other vessels are in small-scale commercial fishing. It should be borne in mind that the national classification of commercial fishing on a large and small scale is based on fishing tools and equipment that are allowed for use on vessels, while most of the sectors are small vessels. About 70% of the existing Montenegrin fleet uses small-scale coastal fishing tools (coastal or boat trawlers, passive tools, fishing gear) with vessels smaller than 12 m LOA. According to the data available from the catch log and catch report, most of the catch comes from small-scale commercial fishing.

So far, no production has been recorded that is in line with the rules of organic production, or any other type of quality scheme, but standards in aquaculture and mariculture have been raised to the highest level, and therefore progress is expected in this area.

Extracted and reworked from the document: “Report on BPs on quality schemes and consumer Health in Montenegro”. The report is one of the deliverables under the activity ” Exchange and knowledge transferring of Best practices on quality schemes and consumer health ” WPT1 ”Improving the coss-border framework conditions for the valorization of the agri-food and fisheries value-chain” .

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